How Do I…

How do I get my relatives and friends to back me up?
Your team could include relatives, friends, and/or acquaintances, etc. In that case:

  • subscribe to an inexpensive membership plan, that gives you access to the Group features;
  • get the members of your team to join True Love Singles, and subscribe to an inexpensive membership plan as well;
  • create and name a private group on True Love Singles for only yourself and your team;
  • accept your team members to join that group;
  • accept a prospective candidate (plus his or her team) to join this group as well;
  • messages exchanged within the group stay private between members of the group;
  • get your team members to communicate with that prospective candidate and provide you with second opinions;
  • if requested by a promising single, have your team members provide your references to that candidate’s team.
How can I know that someone whom I found or who contacted me on this site is genuine?
For once, you should check on this person’s list of Friends on this site. Consider if that person is without friends, or if he or she has connections to others on this site. If the person has friends, you may want to send them Friend requests and hear them out about there friend.

Additionally, you can check out any social profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) that the person in question has disclosed on his or her Profile page.

If that still leaves you with concerns, you can also subscribe to a verification service like BeenVerified at and/or others like it and obtain a profile on the person.

I found multiple prospective Singles in the Directory. How do I continue now?
Great, you are getting somewhere. In that case:

  • check out their Profile first and see if they still meet your objectives;
  • if so, send each one of them an individual Friend request;
  • if they accept your Friend request, you will be able to message them;
  • communicate a little to evaluate who might be a promising candidate;
  • invite each one of those into one of your private groups;
  • if you have a team, let your team members know about your discoveries;
  • continue to communicate with the prospective Singles so you can narrow the list down;
  • sooner than later begin focusing your efforts on a most likely candidate;
  • don’t play games with the others, let them know of your preference asap;
Somebody found and sent me a Friend request on this site. How do I respond now?
Lucky you, don’t get wet feet now. In any case:

  • go to the person’s Profile page and check him or her out;
  • if the person generally meets your objectives, accept the Friend request;
  • you now can messaging that Single to check if there is any chemistry;
  • if so, invite the Single into one of your private Groups, or wait to be invited into his or her private Group;
  • make sure to let your team know and possibly get it involved.
How do I use a Keyword on this site?
A keyword (better known as hashtag on social network and microblogging services) is a type of label used to mark themes or topics which makes it easier for users to find content – in this case you.

True Love Singles’ keywords are generated by the site’s admin and not the user. But you can request that we set up a particular keyword if you run a large group on this site.

Let’s say you are a manager of an informal or established association and your members here on this site want to find each other.

Use our contact form and tell us of a keyword that would be familiar to your members, like “MenAreFromMars” or “MembersXYZ” or “Veteran,” and we will set it up as a value in the Keyword field’s dropdown on the site.

Your members then would select that value in the Keyword field on their Profile and use that value in as keyword in a Directory search to find each other.

In addition, you could then also set up a private group with that value as the group’s name on this site.

How do I manage my association's members on this site?
You are the leader of an association and many of your association’s members are looking for a life partner. Your group could be a faith-based group in the US, or a small group of military veterans, or a large group of younger nonprofit professionals, etc. In any case:

  • register and subscribe to an membership plan;
  • create and name a private Group on True Love Singles;
  • convey the existence of your True Love Singles group to your association’s members;
  • can make Friends (using our Friends feature) on True Love Singles with those members of your association who have registered;
  • also create Lists of friends and/or registered members for messaging purposes;
  • friends and/or registered members can request to join your True Love Singles group on this site;
  • accept their request and they will be in your group;
  • engage in private and confidential group messaging with your members on True Love Singles.

If more than 20 members of your association will register and subscribe to a paid membership on True Love Singles, we will elevate your user role to Group Leader status for as long as there are more than 20 members in your group on this site. This status upgrade includes a discount code for your group on this site, and you will be able to moderate comments made by your group members, etc.

We are also working on an Affiliate program which would earn you commission on membership fees paid by members of your group.

How do I report abuse?
This site does not tolerate abuse. We hope that it does not even come to that.
But if you encounter problematic content (explicit or overly suggestive pictures, name calling, solicitations, other content out of context, etc.) on this site, please contact the Admin right away and report the issue and/or user.

We’ll step in and address the situation right away.

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