Site Styles


Have been using the Press Customizr Pro theme since its inception, but the annual license for 5 sites is now, July 2021, at ~$95 or so. Expensive as the OceanWP theme looks better, has much more controls, and is free. However, I now decided to go with the BuddyBoss community plugin, which has its own BuddyBoss theme licensed at $190 per year. A much better overall deal.


BuddyBoss / Theme Options / Custom Codes / CSS
Appearance / Customize / Additional CSS


Logo Font
Exotc350 Bd BT

Banner Fonts
Smudger LET and Calibri

BuddyBoss > Theme Options > Typography
Heading: Bitter in default size of 24px
Text: Source Sans Pro in default size of 16px

Primary or Theme’s Color (Heart)

Go to and enter #e77979. This color should be the most widely used across all screens and components.

Secondary Colors

A secondary color may indicate a related action or information. The secondary color may be a darker or lighter variation of the primary color.

Triad / Accent Colors (female/male bird)

The accent color should be used for the floating action button and interactive elements, such as: text fields and cursors, text selection, progress bars, selection controls, buttons, and sliders, links

Adjacent Colors

These colors may not be used other than in an exception.

Grey Text

Text Color
Grey regular text color
#5a5a5a, rgb 89.89.89

Black text, set to a 0.54 opacity, ensures a minimum degree of legibility and color harmony with strong background colors. Black or white text that is transparent remains legible and vibrant against background color changes. This makes it more flexible than grey text in the same contexts.

Current Front Page Slider/Graphic


Modify by going to one of the following images in the Media Library and scroll down to Slider Options.

panel1a: panel-singles1a-1200×500
panel2a: panel-singles2a-1200×500
panel3a: panel-couples4a-1200×500