These FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) might answer some outright questions for you.

The site has been established as an independent, user-friendly online community for singles who believe in true love.

TrueLoveSingles is a boutique dating site with social groups. We are not a cattle market with millions of folks on the site. We do not suggest matches as that is largely the phony practice to entertain people. No swiping, either. Just YOU and your efforts.


The site requires new users to provide an email during registration so that an account password can be sent to them. This method verifies at least the email of the new user, disables bots, and discourages frivolous users from registering an account.

However, we currently cannot offer any account verification services.

There are a handful of demo profiles on the site to simply demonstrate what and how to do things on the site. We also use these demo profiles for testing of new and updated features on the site.

These demo profiles are not fillers or decoys as on many other dating sites. Demo profiles on this site are clearly identified, they are indicated as such in their names.

Also, TrueLoveSingles’ staff do not assume fake user identities to befriend and/or message genuine users in order to create the impression of a busy and populous site.

A grey profile icon is generated by the site as placeholder for a user’s missing profile picture. Lot’s of people register for a free account on this site, but not all of them follow through by uploading a profile picture (avatar) to complete their profile.

Facebook does not offer any dating groups to start connecting with other singles.  We also do not do videos of cats and dogs.

Click on one of the many links to the registration page. Registering for an account is free. A password will be sent to the email address you entered during registration.

TrueLoveSingles maintains this registration process to discourage dubious folks from setting up frivolous accounts on the site.

No, basic access is free to all with a freely registered account. However, the site is most useful when you subscribe to the Singles-Plus or Singles-Pro plan. This premium membership gives you access to additional features of the site, including unlimited person-to-person messaging.

Of course you can. We hope that you will. Doing so will give you additional prestige and status among the members.

This site does not tolerate abuse. We hope that it does not even come to that. But if you encounter problematic content (explicit or overly suggestive pictures, name calling, solicitations, other content out of context, etc.) on this site, please contact the Admin right away and report the issue and/or user. You can also block the user.

Tell us what your experience with that person is so that we can evaluate the proper steps to take to make things right for you. If your contact with that person is not only on this site but also in your physical locality, consider calling local law enforcement in your area to protect yourself or others if necessary.

Early on, we had a choice to make between covering our inevitable costs with either advertising, membership fees, and/or voluntary contributions. However, people told us that they really dislike a lot of advertising and are willing to accept a small fee in exchange for premium features and quality of content.

Sure, please use the Contact Form to tell us of your request. We will honor refund requests made within the first 14 days of your paid subscription. Processing a refund request might take us a week or so.

Image Sizes

The following table lists the dimensions for images for the various theme elements.

Theme ElementImage Dimensions
Profile Cover1300 x 225px or larger
Group Cover1300 x 225px or larger
Forum Cover1300 x 225px or larger
Profile Avatarminimum 170 x 170px, better 300 x 300px
Group Avatarminimum 170 x 170px, better 300 x 300px
Forum Avatarminimum 170 x 170px, better 300 x 300px

Note: For group cover images on the Groups Directory (Grid View), the viewable area of the image is 450 x 225px.

Accepted Image File Types

.jpg, .jpeg, .png (preferred since they experience less compression, and are displayed with better quality, .gif