Tom and Christine

This site is the endeavor of Tom Froehlich, an independent and free-spirited social entrepreneur who sees the value of courtship and teamwork as essential tools for Singles of all walks of life to find that significant other for life-long relationships.

In these days of online dating apps like Tinder, some people may find themselves persuaded that courtship is too old-fashioned and that it has run it’s course. Teamwork, on the other hand, has not been a promoted feature on popular dating sites to begin with, corralling Singles to be alone on sites within the treacherous world of online dating.

Tom is a native of his homeland Germany, a trained civil engineer, a graduate of the Unification Theological Seminary, former Director of Advancement Services at a California State University, and lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

He and his spouse Christine were introduced to each other by the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church, and participated in the Blessing ceremony of 2,075 couples at Madison Square Garden, New York in 1982.

Holy Blessing Wedding
Blessing of 2,075 Couples in Madison Square Garden, NY, in 1982.

For the many people who had participated in Blessing ceremonies administered by the late Rev. Moon, courtship came after they made a commitment to one another. Perhaps perceived by many as quaint or old-fashioned, this approach to long-term relationship building is not uncommon in more traditional cultures around the world. Passion and intimacy can follow commitment in the course of life to bring about fulfilling relationships.

However, the courtship promoted on this site does implicitly value the test of passion and the development of intimacy prior to the event of decision/commitment.

But courtship need not involve all-out sexual encounters, which some Gen Y or Z dating apps readily allure to. Again, our view of courtship does encourage two people to first get to know each other “heart-to-heart” to check for compatibility, while they avoid the pressures of physical intimacy or unchecked emotions so as not to cloud their views.

Tom and Christine
Young people are typically a lot more vulnerable to pressures and emotions, yet it is actually the baby boomer generation that largely demands the services of dating sites. Are we reasonable to believe that very young and middle-aged Singles would act alike when it comes to finding that significant other? What about “cheek-to-cheek” checks for compatibility? I have yet to hold one shoe that fits ~6 billion adult feet.

If and how Singles will follow thru and formalize their newly-formed union, whether by secular and/or religious marriage or any other form of status display, is beyond the scope of this site to take issues with.

We just hope to make it easier for Singles to find and start courting a promising Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect. This site does not require singles to submit to medical tests and produce clean “bills of health” just to be on the site.

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