What are the benefits of being a registered or even premium member?

truelovesingles.comWhen you register on this site, you will gain access to all the essential features of this site, including the searchable Directory of Singles.

The FREEdom plan is complementary

Registration is free – no credit card required, and you’ll be awarded with a complementary membership in the FREEdom plan. Besides accessing the directory, you will be able to set up your own profile and galleries, send friend requests, view other promising Single’s profiles, and message your heart out.

With the FREEdom plan, you get access to the essential features of this site, that is what you need to start finding your significant other!

Upgrade to a Premium plan for special features

When you upgrade to a premium plan, you gain access to additional, special features like:

Private Groups
Some Singless might want to work the pool of other promising singles with the help of relatives, friends, or coaches (teammates) in a team.

Relatives, friends, and coaches can register on this site and, and along with another promising single, be invited into a private group (team) to participate in confidential group messaging.

Personality Tests
We understand that behind every member on this site is a human being, with a personality waiting to be discovered. With that in mind, we’ve selected a diverse set of fun, visual tests from Traitify that help you to uncover your personality types and traits.

Consider copying and pasting your test results into your profile.

So, register and/or upgrade to a plan today to find your significant other!