TrueLoveSingles does not offer a 100% money-back guarantee and/or refund.

The FREE membership is free, anyway. The subscription fee for the PLUS membership at $4.95 is so low that it is not cost-effective at all to offer or even request refunds.

Admin Note

If you, within 15 days of purchase of a membership subscription, decide not to use the membership services offered on this site, you may request a full refund.

To obtain a refund, you will have to contact us and include the username, email address, and name on file for the account you wish to cancel. At that time, we will cancel your membership and refund any one-time payment made.

Note that after refunding you, we will be closing your account. Your account is anonymized, any of your user information (such as the content of your profile fields) and your avatar are removed.

This cannot be undone.

Request Refund Form

Request Refund Form


A closed account can be re-opened, but it does not restore your associated information, as closing account must remove this data to adhere to applicable Data Protection Acts.