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Selfie required for success.

The mugshot is essential.

Just a reminder that you ought to upload a profile picture (avatar) for your account asap. Otherwise, the system will assign a generic icon to your account. That is not going to help you to get noticed!

So, grab your smartphone and take a selfie. Borrow a smartphone and take a selfie. Have someone take a mugshot of you with their smartphone. Do something or get left behind!

Click on Avatar to upload your pic and get ready to be discovered!


Re-focusing the site.

marriage blessing

Rev. and Mrs. Moon

Hello, we have begun to focus the site to serve vertical markets like Unificationists and friends!

Having been open to registration by any and all, no matter how high-minded and deep-hearted, has proven to be a bit too challenging. People from all over the world registered, but often did not follow up to complete their profiles. That kind of numerical quantity at the expense of content quality is just not cutting it for anyone. So, it has become necessary for us to re-invent the workings of the site. It seems that just about every start-up goes through such a process of fine-tuning its operations.

What do we mean by vertical markets? A vertical market is a market in which vendors offer goods and services specific to an industry, trade, profession, or other group of customers with specialized needs instead of to anyone.

People in vertical markets have often already gone through some background check or have been vetted otherwise regarding their authenticity and interest. Having singles join from a pre-qualified prospect pool is a great plus for a relatively new dating site like We are and always be a niche dating site – a boutique courtship site – and quality must be our bottomline.

Registration is still free, but site now requires an invitation code during registration. You can get the referral code from a current user or request a code via our Contact Us form. You may also find the referral code on our Facebook page and in our Facebook group.


Now on the encrypted https protocol.

Encrypted connections.

It wasn’t easy, but we finally made the move to port everything on from the insecure http to the secure https protocol. Facebook, Twitter, and nearly all relevant social networks have gone to the https protocol for secure communication over the Internet.

In other words, feel free to now access on your laptop, tablet or smartphone right from any public WiFi spot (Starbucks, library, etc.) and know that your connection to is encrypted and safe from a hacker.

Privacy and confidentiality are already build into the site by virtue of account logins, private messaging and private groups – all based on invitation and permission. The account holder always decides who can see what of his or her profile.


Know your personality.

I am a visionary.

Knowing a little about one’s personalty is helpful when discussing life with another single. We implemented the modern Traitify personality quizzes for you on our site to complement all our other useful features.

We want True Love Singles to become a one-stop shop for you and make sure you find your significant other.