It Takes More Than a Carrot and a Stick!

Carrot and stick don't always work.Why does this site blog about human nature and the human condition and not exclusively about faith and spirituality? Faith and spirituality seem to be the guiding themes for so many people in their lives.

Yes, faith and spirituality seem to be prominently guiding themes in people’ lives. One significant believe is that a person will receive the rewards for “good” behavior, perhaps not right away, but surely some time in the future. Having a believe like that in common with the significant other surely contributes to a splendid foundation of a long-lasting relationship.

One might say that inspirational visions informed by faith and spirituality operate like carrots in our lives. Some people, however, do get discouraged by chasing rewards that prove to be fairly intangible to them.

Carrot and stick work sometimes.Academics say that humans are opportunistic, goal-oriented planners. We have the capacities to envision, to anticipate the future and plan ahead with certain ends in mind. Faith and spirituality speak much about the future in terms of incentives, rewards and outcomes, and have their proper place in the discussion between two promising singles charting their way through life.

However, much has been said about faith and spirituality, and much can be read about faith and spirituality on the Internet. Many Christian dating and relationship sites advise their users on the importance and issues of faith and spirituality.

The preferred focus at True Love Singles in terms of blogging is more on human nature and the human condition. We believe that there is a real need for a better understanding of these topics among people, and that these topics complement topics of faith and spirituality to fairly round out what people want to be aware of when seeking a new long-term relationship.

Low-end dating sites seem to be bend on advising their users on the “game” of dating and successful strategies for “getting hooked up.” There seems to be a real market for supporting people’s casual dating intentions. But that is not True Love Singles’ niche.

Without a solid ground to stand on, it could be precarious to look up into a boundless sky and envision a hopeful future. A fair understanding of human nature and the human condition should be appreciated as providing the firmness needed under one’s feet in order to let imagination reach out to the stars.

Carrot and stick are used too often.Ignoring nature’s laws is not advisable as Icarus and Daedalus of Crete could have told you. Dismissing one’s self interests as next to worthless is not real as Victor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor, could have told you. Misreading the intent of others can be fatal, as the Trojan people could have told you. Human nature and the human condition are often not well explained by people of faith, and even deprecated in favor of easier-to-explain-and-understand “principles” extracted from sacred texts like the Bible.

It is perhaps true that children and young people learn a great deal from metaphoric explanations. But metaphors, including expressions of visions and aspirations, need to be grounded in reality so as not to be mistaken as literals. Long-term relationships do not balance well on shaky, “metaphoric” grounds.

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