Is Modern Courtship the Future?

Group of friends
Group of friends
Modern Courtship

In these days of “modern romance,” of swiping and promiscuous dating and breakups, the idea of courtship has gradually fallen out of vogue. We acknowledge that old-fashioned courtship and chivalry are outmoded dating strategies and tactics belonging to a different age. In the developed West, more people have moved from looking for a companionate marriage to a soulmate marriage. And yes, relationship mores still differ considerable across cultures.

In our envisage, “modern courtship” allows for the two singles to simply get to know each other in a viable setting, that is without early physical intimacy and/or runaway emotions clouding their view, and without being pressured by motivated or even despotic family.

Courtship is understood as the dating period in a pair’s budding relationship which precedes their likely engagement. The goal of spending time in courtship is to find out if both actually resonate with each other, perhaps in terms of libido, character, personality, and/or expectations and goals for the future.

Be as enchanting as you can be

We say “resonate” on purpose, not wanting to conjure up the ill-fated concept of compatibility. As you know, even opposites can attract. So, we are more interested in getting singles to ask “How are we different?” than “How are we alike?”

Courtship is the proper time during which singles may gradually disclose their weaknesses, shortcomings, hangups, blind spots, and whatever else is known to each other. On the other hand, it is also the time to be as enchanting as one can be and then some. However, we encourage singles to surrender to the other’s enchantment, if possible, only after engagement. There is no pressing need to compromise the pretense of dignity early on. Mind you, if you cannot or will not be enchanting, the other has not much to surrender to. All that goes for both, the man and the woman.

Well, modern courtship might make a comeback as soon as the hollow promises of modern romance have run their course. Technology has not resolved, but only put new angles on the challenges that have always existed in love, such as cheating, spying, and breakups. We love to be with discerning singles who will give modern courtship a chance.

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