Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?

Women choose mates.

Women choose mates.It is really the woman who chooses her mate, rather than the other way around. The man may propose, but it is the woman who agrees or not and has the last word. Even on the biological level, science tells us now, the female’s egg chooses which of the early-arriving sperms to open up to.

Sadly, I have come across many couples (at least for my comfort level) whereas it seemed that the woman settled for less. Appearances may have betrayed me, sure, I have my unconscious biases.

The scientific journal Nature recently published an academic study entitled “Risk sensitivity as an evolutionary adaptation”. It was hard reading for a lay person like me, I am not an academic. The study suggests that risk aversion is a common behavior universal to humans and animals alike. Humans could either choose to mate with the first, potentially inferior, companion and risk inferior offspring, or they could wait for Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect to come around. However, if they chose to wait, they risked never mating. For some, Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect never came around.

The study says that group size is key. An individual in a small community – much like those of our early ancestors – holding out to find the perfect mate might be running the risk of coming up empty and leaving no lineage. Therefore settling early for the “bird in the hand” instead of going for “two in the bush” was the best option for the survival of the small community.

I am trusting you.
I am trusting you.

What I took away from reading the study was this: in this modern age, though, most people live in rather large population centers, meaning that it is less risky to hold out for Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect. Still, many people feel isolated and/or unable to find a better match than one’s current acquaintance around the corner, even in this increasingly connected world.

To this point, True Love Singles uses technology like this site in hopes of lowering the barriers for singles to finding that Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect.

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