Secrets of Getting the Mate You Want
Fighting for access to a mate.
Fighting for access to a mate.
Getting the mate you want (or not getting that mate) does not need to be an accident, or a preordained event, or depend on fate, or decided by brute force. If you are free to act as you wish (alright, a big if), it is all in your mind!

However, the mate you deserve won’t come easy, you will need to work on it. Yes – work, as in deliberate. Remember the popular adage “No pain, no gain?”

Let me explain.

Let’s start by looking at the animal world and all the crazy things that these beasts do to avail themselves of a proper mate. Some males engage in violent power fights to secure access to a female. Others engage in pompous attempts at persuading a prospective mate of one’s fitness. And then there are many more pedestrian approaches in between, too many to speak about.

Yes, humans often resort to the same techniques to get what they want. But some of these physical approaches lack the subtleties to help make the endeavor of mating a lasting and fulfilling journey for modern men. Proper perhaps for brute animals and pre-historic humans, these approaches are not suitable to you – the more elegant man or woman.

Parading for access to a mate.
Parading for access to a mate.
You are a connoisseur of living experiences, both in mind and body. For you, pleasure is not just one of many options. It is the one event worth living for – over and over again. Mind you, pleasure is most often associated with the fulfillment of carnal desires, but that is a narrow and even mistaken understanding! People also take great pleasures in living for the sake of others – over and over again. We must recognize that vital pleasures can be of the mind or heart as well.

So, are you free to act as you wish? Are you able to transcend biological and cultural norms, at least to some degree? On the biological level, you cannot get rid of the fear of being rejected by a prospective mate. You can manage your fears at best. That is, while you may simply choose to display courage, you must learn how to hide your fears. On the cultural level, you cannot easily get rid of learned behaviors like acting and speaking “to fit in.” That is, we will guide you to assume new personality roles independent of most peer’s expectations and unbeknown to them.


Do you have the will to pleasure? We all have a desire for pleasure. Let me tell you that “a desire” is not going to be enough. Shyness is not very helpful to you. Secrets revealed in future blog posts will liberate your will for pleasure. While following our guidance, you will learn to take a different approach from that taken by the crowd. A better approach, our TrueLove approach, is a necessary prerequisite for getting and keeping the mate you deserve.

Get the mate you want.
Can we learn a good thing or two from “bad-boy” Casanova?

In the mind of most folks, Giacomo Casanova is known as a legendary seducer. More than that, he was an Italian adventurer and author and is regarded as one of the most authentic sources of the customs and norms of European social life during the 18th century. However, he has become so famous for his often complicated and elaborate affairs with women.

Can we learn a good thing or two from “bad-boy” Casanova? Can we learn a good thing or two from other characters of history like him – people who we might publicly loath, but secretly envy or admire? What about Cleopatra, for example? Their secrets are revealed to us, and we will be sharing them with you! As you know, a blade is sharp, and it can cut wounds or slice bread. So, keep an open mind about what you are going to read on this site. Please join and upgrade your membership to that of a Global Explorer.

You must learn how to enchant your mate, and how to make him or her surrender.
Cleopatra, Queen

And then practice the skill over and over again. Some folkss might think that this advise will foster nothing but promiscuity. Again, an understandable but mistaken stance. Our advise is that once you found your mate, and perhaps marry him or her, you shall practice that skill of enchanting over and over again with that same mate. A truly happy marriage might ensue.

We are developing an outline of these time-tested wisdom and action steps for how to get and keep the mate you want. This material will soon be publish by us, and only on this site, and you will be able to benefit from these intimate instructions with a low-cost subscription to the Global Explorer membership plan.

So, join for free today and be notified as soon as the instructions are made available to Global Explorers on this site.



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