Life Worthy of Living?

When is life worthy of living? Worth living? A worthy life? Not easy to agree with for many. That is, not everyone finds him or herself biologically and/or socially endowed to living well.

Trouble“Isn’t living a worthy life harder when life appears not to be worth living,” some might say. Life is a constant uphill battle for many and the best they can do is see the cup as half full.

On the flip side, isn’t living a worthy life of little consequence when the gods appear to favor one? “Are we not entitled to our joy or happiness,” some might ask? Those well endowed may never ask if they deserve whatever goods they have.

So, you do believe that life is not worth living? Okay, fair enough. But if you do not want to settle for that eval, here is our tip: “Consider that life is worth living, and live a worthy life!” Just make it so, damnit! You’ve got to make that decision because nobody can or will make it for you.

MinionsIf you think that you have a choice about it, you are a softy and will be swallowed up by Mother Nature and her minions in no time! “Swim or sink,” they say. It’s not a choice to make, it’s the decision to take.

In the final analysis, Mother Nature is rather cold, merciless and amoral. Just talk to the small fish before the big fish comes along. But Mother Nature has given most of us humans the capacity, or capabilities, to “make it,” to get ahead and stay ahead. We are not born to die or “live for the sake of others,” but to make a new beginning, to act and start something new.

Now, Mother Nature isn’t the only force contributing to our “assets.” Mother Nature, if you will bear with my metaphoric explanations, endows each one of us with “nature,” that is a certain body, a particular mind and some talents, etc. Things we have no control over at birth, things we do not chose.

Our parents and relatives and society at large are obviously another big contributing factor to who we are and what we become. People go through kindergarten, elementary and high school, perhaps military and/or college, and some attend church and even seminary. Religion has a considerable influence in society.

Educators place a lot of emphasis on what is also called “nurture” when discussing the human condition, and for good reasons. “Nobody is an island,” they say. We all live embedded within relationships – for better or worse. Much has been said about all that.

Talking about “nature versus nurture” can lead to rich discussions. Try that today instead of smoking weed. In any case, there is also a thing called “personal responsibility.” Well, where does that fit in between nature and nurture? Hard to say, but we will discuss personal responsibility in the context of how the mind works! We admit a bias in favor of nature. Stay tuned and subscribe to our blog.

In the meantime, keep pondering of what “living a worthy life” means to you. We have an actionable suggestion to make:
Tom and Christine

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